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Shinsegae International, one mile wear ‘V Lounge Launches

Shinsegae International is to launch a new concept of the original warehouse mile combines practicality and luxury.

Wihaeseoda to capture the fashion consumers feel fatigue in the fast fashion ‘ll buy cheaper clothes to wear an iron one.



Shinsegae International is launching a new brand next month, one days’ V Lounge and open a store in Shinsegae Gangnam Department Store, Hyundai Department Store Trade Center Pangyo points and points.

‘V Lounge “is a slow fashion heomun the boundaries of time and space. Made from high-quality materials and timeless design and long-lasting wear, it is characterized by high utilization take place in less courted.

If you have an existing warehouse mile circle means the clothes that you can wear around their house and home, work clothes V Lounge, who started demolishing the boundaries of the clothes, the company goes clothes, clothes off. While it is able to work at home to pursue and exercise clothes that can go traveling.

Emerged as a mega-trends’ aeseul Leisure “to a comfortable and relaxing silhouette reflected, expressed Swag design freedom is felt. I say the kids sled athletic fashion trend of a compound word (Athletic) and Leisure (Leisure), which means movement in everyday life that reflects the lifestyle of modern people to enjoy exercise.

A comfortable design with high-quality materials cashmere, wool, jersey (Jersey) such as a cold body has improved softness and comfort.

Airport to also sell luggage as look good with clothes to seek no comparable design to fashion, to celebrate the brand launched this season to launch domestic travel bag designer who collaborate with the brand agent Week (TWICK) ‘products.

Market reaction to that advocated Slow Fashion V Lounge is explosive. V Lounge plans to open a total of 12 shops in major department stores such as new brands are unusual in 9 month of Shinsegae, Hyundai, Lotte, AK, while Galleria.

Baekgwangeun Shinsegae International women’s division, said, “After this colorful design off the popularity is slow fashion is attracting attention while to take the latest fast fashion the peak of popularity as a simple design is emerging as a new trend” and “V Lounge is home decorating, home, Bob including trends and related home will also be able to make a good performance as a poor brand right, “he said.

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